databears is inclusive.​

​We strive to serve our community through data science while creating an inclusive environment for all people to pursue their passion and interests. Regardless of experience and background, there’s a place for everyone.​

Check Out Our Teams

We have 5 teams with very different functions – one is bound to pique your interest.


We are creating a data science curriculum to be taught at high schools by our curriculum developers. It will serve as an overview for Data 8 (Foundations of Data Science), which our partner, the Global Adoption Team (within Berkeley Division of Data Science), is trying incorporate into high schools and community colleges alike.


The Kaggle Team is the competitive division of databears. Members of the Kaggle team join data science competitions together and meet every week for exploratory data analysis, feature engineering and to learn from each other. Click below if you would like to check out what we have done, or even join us!


The Data DeCal provides the skills and mentorship required to bridge the gap between class projects and personal projects. Over the course of the semester, students will learn research methods and complete a series of labs, culminating in a final project exploring an area of their interest. Learn more by clicking below!


In charge of both internal and external affairs, the Operations Team plays a critical role in organizing major events and ensuring the club runs smoothly. Some of their responsibilities include arranging for speakers to talk in our Decal class, securing partnerships with schools to teach our Education Team’s curriculum, recruiting and finance.


The DataBears Board of Directors sets the long term vision for the club and makes decisions on club-wide policies and movements.

A Quick Message From Us:

Our goal is to build a supportive, inclusive community. If you are interested at all, we are more than happy to let you attend any one of team meetings to see what it’s like! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.


For any inquiries please email